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KRTT is a Canadian based Investment Finance Research, Training, and Education company, as well as a providing cutting-edge financial market advisory services in many North American indices, stocks, commodities and specialized products.

KRTT an acronym for Kelly Research Training and Technology, besides serving our clients, has key objectives and goals such as advancing public education and investment literacy to uncover the truth that with a proper financial education, the equity and other markets can indeed be successfully timed and significantly better managed than simply leaving assets long term in mutual funds. More important and contrary to popular belief as espoused by the financial industry of Bay and Wall Street, KRTT teaches the financial markets operate in exact accordance to Natural Law of trends and cycles, as best analyzed by the emerging new science of advanced technical analysis.

KRTT specializes in high-impact niche areas to educate and advance financial truth including; advanced technical analysis training, considerable forms of cycle analysis beyond Elliott Wave research, mathematically proven trading systems (as used by markets wizards), and educating in successful market timing as achieved by application of technical analysis, and proving markets constantly operate in accordance with the distinct trends and cycles in accordance with Natural Law.

This is exactly as the great W.D. Gann, who is acknowledged by KRTT as the first market wizard of Wall Street - predicted and taught over 100 years ago.

KRTT provides products and services to those wishing to improve their financial education and increase market timing skills, do-it yourself traders, investors whom normally use discount brokers, and even sophisticated stakeholders or portfolio managers or others wishing to better time and understand investment finance decisions, due to their curiosity and vested interest in the subject.

The Financial Truth is Closer Than You Think

Over 100 years ago an American who was a financial genius, informed Wall Street in the early 1900's that the financial markets moved according to - Science and Natural Law.

A century later it is clear that few really listened to him, or believed him and further, the financiers (bankers and dealers) of the day quickly realized that they could not understand a science theory without investing time, hard work, and gaining a better education and one that encompassed - science - which they lacked.

Nor could bankers, dealers and money handlers make money or charge high commissions off of science phenomena accessible and widely known to the masses. This would obviously and easily trump their power of financial knowledge and persuasion that it was they whom held the secrets of wealth.

Worse, science could create conditions whereby they, as advisers to the rich, would lose their financial power over people’s capital if they were not held out as the experts. This implied that technically any superior knowledge of science leading to discovery of how the financial markets really worked was considered a threat to their power. A plan ostracizing the author, and creating financial diversions away from that truth seemingly was evoked.

Eventually, those discoveries of science and universal laws ruling financial markets, made by that financial giant were mainly lost. They were discarded as in err, foolish, easily overlooked for greed and laziness, to maintain control for selfish reasons, and in the end, the work of a true genius was ignored or at least - successfully marginalized.

The genius's name was W.D. Gann. Then, a few short decades later, yet another famous American emerged by the name of R.N. Elliott.

Elliott similarly observed and suggested by charting (early technical analysis) that all financial instruments were absolutely exhibiting very similar and predictable patterns. How, or why could this happen to so many unique and very different financial instruments? The implication of Elliott's findings and observations about how financial markets worked were massive. Was a universal clock or rhythm leaving distinct patterns over and over?

So was founded the Elliott Wave Principle based on the discovery of R. N. Elliott - that was undeniable.

Yet today, the few financial experts on our planet that really understand and accurately employ EW theory in their analysis, are about as rare and unique as 200 plus carat diamonds.

Now some 100 years later, these significant findings based on the work of financial giants and other contributing scientists over decades, including Edward R. Dewey as the man who created the Foundation for the Study of Cycles, have jointly re-discovered and taught about the important of Nature's cycles. Yet they too are still largely avoided, marginalized or overlooked by the financial industry. Why? In essence, the financial truth is still being intentionally ignored and marginalized.

But, a few brave investigative financial journeymen equally vowed by their dedicated work - never to forget and believed that such great discoveries by great men should not be lost, overlooked, and should be investigated to the end. After all, even Einstein using physics, quantum mechanics and math, had concluded the Universe was structured and ordered and that God had not merely "rolled the dice. Einstein's theory of relativity is yet another example of Natural Law and order.

As the great W. D. Gann found out, it is not an easy task to discover or teach humanity - the truth. Society is often lazy and prefers the status quo. So great financial teachers with important messages and discoveries still continue to be marginalized.

Like Gann and Elliott as teachers, they frequently have very different life priorities, and ultimately become rich in knowledge, yet regarded as poor in the overall capitalistic and political world where power and money trump intelligence.

Worse to modern financial institutions, financial educators represent another Gann-Elliott-like threat all over again, and in an more aggressive competitive world. Is science being suppressed?

One can easily observe that technical analysts, when compared to all other analysts - are clearly underemployed. In Canada as example they are found in tiny numbers and remain marginalized as analysts by Canada's global investment banks and even financial surveys.

Yet frankly, it is only through technical analysis that one discovers or finds the trend truth, and where mathematical and science discoveries are made. Technical analysis is the exact science laboratory of investment finance and also where Gann and Elliott found and discovered such financial truth.

Today, a tiny largely unknown Canadian financial teacher at Kelly Research Training and Technology after decades of financial work as both an amateur and a financial professional, has verified in thousands of hours of research, exactly what Gann and Elliott stated about a century ago.

So, what is this great financial science truth? According to KRTT - the financial markets are indeed operating in exact accordance to cycles, science, and universal laws, exactly as these two financial giants had foretold a century ago.

Do you still want to remain ignorant and overlook the financial truth? Start your learning and financial education based on the truth by finding out more by calling Kelly Research Training and Technology today.

KRTT - Letting the financial truth speak clearly and be rediscovered. KRTT - Training for the Human Race

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We are a high-impact financial education and training company providing tomorrows solutions — today.
KRTT core-competency areas include:
Investment Finance Research & Education
Advanced Technical Analysis Training & Education
Trend and Cycle Analysis & Education based on Natural Law
Personal or Corporate Financial Solutions and Consulting

KRTT provides clients E-Learning, individual, or group solutions in the most important areas of Investment Finance. These are delivered by high-impact educational products and services. One distinct KRTT niche is that our financial products and services disclose and teach, financial analysis and especially the all-important correlation between financial trends and profit. Our clients also learn the most effective financial engineering methodologies available.

Besides financial education, KRTT makes available a financial market advisory service that is second to none, in equity and commodity trading methodologies. Ask KRTT clients why KRTT is so different? KRTT continually teaches the investment truth that profit comes only with accurate trend determination, and further, by applying the single most effective form of financial analysis; technical analysis. This is parallel to methods used by the world-famous market wizards.

Once clients grasp the correlation between trend to profit, and understand key concepts about market timing, their financial education can be advanced to the most elite financial education by comprehending how the financial markets really work in accordance with science and Natural Law.

Contrary to false notion and vastly misleading information overload, the financial markets can be timed successfully. KRTT has proven this over and over. More important, KRTT educates to the most elite levels, that financial markets act in accordance with the emerging science of investment cycles according Natural Science Laws. This is exactly as first taught by the great W.D. Gann, whom KRTT cites as the first wizard of Wall Street. Need more proof? Check out some of our client testimonials.

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