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Listen to what some of our clients say about a KRTT financial education...
Financial Education is your best first step to ensure a rewarding financial future!

Every expert investor or trader realizes that success begins with a sound financial education based on the truth about how the financial markets really work. Witness the comments below.

KRTT are experts at teaching you the financial trend truth, since following the trend of your particular investment is the only way to profit. Did you know that KRTT teaches at least three ways to define trend, and that the current trend can be mathematically defined and optimized to your exact investment or trading time horizon using basic financial software?

KRTT are specialists in teaching trend truth via technical analysis courses at all levels. Moreover, after you reach an intermediate level, you will graduate to learning a far more powerful truth, by applying Natural Law as first taught by the great W.D. Gann, to financial trends and cycles.

KRTT's ability to teach and educate about cycles and Natural Law Theory, which uses the principles of science as the controlling factor to financial markets - is unparalleled and second to none. Many of the methodologies about financial cycles taught by KRTT are proprietary, and once grasped can bring an amazing clarity as you advance your financial education to higher levels.

Your best first step to ensure a rewarding financial future is by asking how KRTT can help you. KRTT has created high-impact investment finance education including individual tutoring, our popular E-Learning products, and concentrated classroom training usually lasting one or two days.

Enhance your investment and trading education, and thus your future, and let us help you learn to become successful - over and over. Take control over your personal financial future by taking your education to a whole new level and call or email us today.

Soon you too could be here discussing a profound moment, a breakthrough, or an action you are truly proud of as a result of your experience with KRTT.

The following published client testimonials are provided here so others too might get inspired. KRTT does not pay for testimonials, nor reimburse clients in any way for submitting them.

"I appreciate your KRTT Shadow Trading Product (STP) communications, and value your comments because I can deal with the truth. True statements about world economics are hard to find. My prediction is that in the very near future, investors will discover the lies and cover ups that been distributed by the mainstream media. At that time, KRTT will experience explosive growth because KRTT tells the economic truth.

I believe you will enjoy the confidence that you were truthful and honest about the technical advice and education you provided your clients.

Those of us that are following your leadership will be in a better position of advising new investors not to be afraid of some hard work and to learn how to deal with the truth, while being surrounded by "Snakes in Suits". I have learned so much from you."

Gerry C. Comox, B.C.

KRTT E-Learning Subscriber and KRTT Classroom Training

"I learned more today about intelligent investing than I have in 10 years. If I retain one tenth of what I learned today it will still make me a lot of money."

Robert M.
Red Deer, Alberta .

KRTT E- Learning Subscriber and KRTT Technical Analysis Classroom Training

“I am so very thankful to you for the market updates that I received in 2008 - forecasting the crash. It allowed me to put all my RRSP into cash against the recriminations of the investor advice at (**edited out for privacy - Largest Canadian**) Bank. So, in the end, I didn't lose anything. Thanks again, as you see, I read all your emails and listen to you.”

Monique T. North Vancouver, B.C.

KRTT E-Learning Subscriber

"KRTT has opened the door for me to an amazing world of Natural Law, which in my view, should be researched not just for its' monetary value. It has also taught me very important lessons and that working hard will lead one to understand the order where others see chaos."

Brock V.
Langley, B.C.

KRTT BBTL and E-learning Subscriber

"I found this course to be an excellent start to technical analysis investing. There's a lot to absorb with the course material and techniques, in which the comprehensive package of notes and charts that I can take away will allow for further in depth review over & over.

I will walk away enlightened & confident in my investing future. Thank you."

Darren R. North Vancouver, B.C.

KRTT E-Learning Subscriber and Technical Analysis Training Course

"The (Technical Analysis Classroom Training ) was an excellent course. l learned a lot."

James C. Vancouver, B.C.

KRTT Technical Analysis Classroom Training Attendee

"The (Technical Analysis School) was very informative starting with the basics. It gives all the tools you need to trade, and is well organized and provided good resources binders."

Craig H. Vancouver, B.C.

KRTT Technical Analysis Classroom Training Attendee

"The Technical Analysis School is very thorough. l enjoyed the chart analysis the most. The facilitator (James) tells wonderful stories. I highly recommend this course. "

Timothy B. Vancouver, B.C.

KRTT Technical Analysis Classroom Attendee

"I did enjoy taking this course. My head will be spinning for a couple of days. I want that 80% retention ~ from the review material."

Cliff R. Roberts Creek, B.C.

KRTT Technical Analysis Classroom Attendee and E- Learning subscriber

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