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Important read-me first document page - for your better understanding of this BLOG

Dear BBTL Blog visitor,

We are nearing readiness to open our long awaited "free" KRTT blog about September 2010. The first few weeks we will be working out bugs, adding several educational pages and may make changes. We thank you in advance for you patience.

Most important we believe this blog will offer some of the worlds best free financial educational content, that in the past was limited to paid KRTT customers.

That stated, we must also advise that our paying clients come first and foremost and naturally receive considerably more educational and money making content and ideas. They also receive it in more interesting and potent audio-visual delivery than beyond what is found here for free.

If you like this free blog, and want to rapidly accelerate your financial education, it would be only be logical or intelligent on your part to consider subscribing to paid KRTT services. As we state over and over, there is no better investment, than an investment in yourself and advancing your own investment finance education.

We have worked very hard at KRTT to become one of the most rich-in-knowledge financial educators in the financial world today, and would love to share our knowledge with you. By advancing your financial education you will in effect; be preparing yourself to become successful over and over.

We cannot nudge you any more than providing this complimentary blog as hard evidence, and providing some of the wonderful feedback we receive by showing you sample testimonials from our paid clients.

Does education cost money but usually eventually pays off? Of course; think back to your university or college days. Another cost, is that we ask you to come prepared to learn - with an open mind - and be prepared for a little hard work. In that regard, KRTT is in effect a school. The more you put into any learning or new skill set, the more you will get out in education and ability that can quickly be applied.

Even if you paid KRTT about $3000 annually (approximately - what some of our elite e-learning subscribers currently pay) for four years, it would still be a fraction of the cost of one year of university, and yet, a KRTT financial education can provide investment returns accumulated over a lifetime.

Moreover, after being a fighter pilot in his first career, the editor of this blog worked professionally in the financial industry for over a decade, and thus has already paid considerable dues and accumulated a financial education via a lifetime of experience. Yes, probably like many of you, we too at KRTT have also invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in past trial-and-error courses, software and learning. Now, we think it would be very wise for you to take advantage of what we have learned at great expense and experience, over decades.

KRTT teaching and education is available in private consulting, single or group classroom training, and perhaps most famously - via e-learning subscriptions.

A few of the things taught beyond our foundational KRTT material regarding cycles, trend determination, technical analysis and Natural Law subjects include; other available methods of financial forecasting, advanced hypothesis of the FED and FED watching, Laissez-Faire and Keynesian economic theories, flaws of fundamental analysis and other systemic data and even, advanced Astro-finance as first introduced by W.D Gann using our own proprietary theories about lunar, sun and planetary market timing.

However, if we could highlight one theorem above all that we advance as core KRTT material in which we specialize, it would no doubt be that we teach the "emerging new science" of cycle theory (KRTT teaches several cycle theories and methods of determination) and also, advanced technical analysis forensic clues, some of which you will witness in our charts, including the emerging science of Natural Law, exactly as forecast by the great W.D. Gann and subsequently extensively studied by KRTT.

In is important for us to point out, that due to the highly proprietary nature of many of the financial Natural Law theories and robust cycle material taught to paid subscribers, we unfortunately are not able to go into the considerable important details of such advanced material in a free blog.

Nonetheless, what you will eventually notice and likely find here on a regular basis, is the incredible technical analysis and market timing skills possessed and demonstrated by KRTT - right here in this blog. How good is that for free?

We also believe it is particularly important to thank and acknowledge our past KRTT teachers. They are too many past financial teachers to count or list here, but we have noted above all - the great W.D. Gann who truly inspired our work and passion.

It is sadly unfortunate and costly for society, that so many in the financial and investment industry, and even government, have totally ignored or failed to understand the great teaching, science and hidden clues of Gann theory - relating to Natural Law.

We attribute W.D. Gann as being our greatest motivational expert to now advance KRTT into the ranks of the most knowledgeable financial educators anywhere on the globe today. We were also heavily inspired in our early professional days by the Market Wizards, especially Linda Bradford Raschke who graciously shared her considerable outside-of-the-box thinking and trading knowledge.

KRTT, as another small example, has made profound cycle discoveries, that the financial markets indeed do follow a Natural Law of Cycles. KRTT has further studied and gone beyond the great leadership at the Foundation for the Study of Cycles, and also thank Edward Dewey and the Foundation for their inspiration. We also should mention that it was John Murphy, himself a great dedicated and inspirational technical analyst that pointed us to the Foundation - decades ago.

To a minor extent, cycles and Natural Law Theory should have drastically changed and been spotlighted, implemented, and forecast by leaders decades ago by the billion dollar bank and investment dealer industry of Bay and Wall Street. After all there is widespread use, acceptance, and considerable proven verification of Fibonacci math being found within the capital markets.

Moreover, Elliott Wave Patterns are recurring again and again on all financial charts. Repeating patterns, especially when they are systemic, are by definition - cyclical. How long will the financial industry lead customers in the exact wrong direction, or be in denial that fundamental and economic research have considerable limitations and weaknesses, or admit that the financial truth may lay elsewhere?

Far too many so-called professional financial gurus whom claim to have superior insight and who claim to know a lot, have only proven themselves as incompetent snakes-in-suits, and proven only they are false profits more concerned about exerting control over their customers capital while earning commissions, massive bonuses, or huge amounts in hidden fees for their own personal and corporate self-interest, rather than educating themselves, serving the public as Fiduciaries should, or promoting via education the truth by advancing the real causes behind the movement of financial prices and trends.

However we should add, by intensely looking solely in just one area of Natural Law or by applying the science of math, we discovered several other theorems and forms of Natural Law beyond Fibonacci, including other rarer number sets, often play-out in this Natural Ordered Universe. This makes discovery considerably harder than expected, even to a dedicated student observer spending thousands of research hours.

Beyond Gann, Albert Einstein too recognized the highly ordered Universe Theory and implied his belief of Natural Law as shown late in his lifetime statements, when he implied the Universe that he observed over his lifetime through physics, quantum mechanics, and math essentially appeared as an ordered or Intelligent Design Universe, in that God had not merely rolled the dice.

So essentially, those on Bay and Wall Street that wish to challenge that Natural Law theory dictating and ruling the Financial Markets as the most significant causal factors, are even challenging great minds, wisdom, and foresight of W. D. Gann and Albert Einstein.

So; are you excited yet? Well then, what are you waiting for?

Ask what are you using to do your own personal trading and investing? Are you using a highly paid stock-broker that properly cannot even advise you about the current trend of your own investments? Or perhaps, like many, you use tend to luck or your magic eight or crystal ball as some of our peers joked recently.

So yes as we have displayed here, KRTT teaches all of these intellectual theorems and much more in our paid KRTT subscription services, but we caution and advise in advance that our clients, are normally strictly bound to non-disclosure terms for private use, or alternatively pay a more expensive commercial licensing fee.

Please use the email link found on this page to send in your questions, comments, or feedback. The chief editor of this blog can also be reached at:

*** We will post replies and answer as many inquiries as possible, but also reserve the right to not answer specific leading or fishing expeditions into our paid financial techniques that should remain privy to our paid subscribers ***

Best regards,
James Kelly Sr.
Editor in chief
President, Kelly Research Training & Technology

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