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I personally started using Equis MetaStock © in the 1980's, when I worked in the industry as a pro. At the time, I also worked as a pro and lived through the October 19, 1987 Black Monday Crash, when the Dow Jones had it biggest single losing day in history. Many stocks fell 50% or more.

Like many of you reading our blog, I too had then grown highly frustrated with the poor success rates of using Bay and Wall Street's fundamental and economic data reports, despite the fact that they were provided by extremely intelligent analyst.

I did not take me long to realize that the financial markets moved in trends and waves of mass psychology - which was best suited to charting and technical analysis to determine "the trend".

Today, I can still recommend MetaStock without reservation.

If you are serious about being successful as either an investor or trader, you will need excellent software and financial tools. MetaStock © offers the most complete and robust set of tools there is. That is why the software has won the the coveted award in Stocks and Commodities Magazine for the last 19 years.

Purchasing MetaStock via the special KRTT link below direct to Equis (owned by Thompson Reuters - the Equis parent company) comes with some nice bonus material direct from KRTT.

If you can't wait for this page to be completed, or need to ask questions, simply email me at JamesKelly@KRTT.com

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